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Social marketing is the process of using commercial marketing techniques to influence public opinion, to urge individuals to acquire new behavior would improve their quality of life, health, and therefore for the advancement of society as a whole. Science has become an important social marketing revolution in the world of finance and business, because it achieves a significant profit, through the promotion of the name, and significant profits to the community. For this reason, many institutions have become interested in next social marketing, and is keen to serve the community of people respect her name, and respects the brand that consumers care about them. In recent years, raced many businesses, the official, as well as civil society organizations, in the recruitment of communication technology and information technology, particularly related to the network site in the areas of social marketing, in order to reach a large segment of the target audience and influence it. The mating process was launched between modern marketing and Internet technology, and was the product of this mating, note the newly dubbed “social marketing mail.” The Social-mail marketing, a tool that can be used by institutions. Social Marketing help to reduce the likelihood of institutional weaknesses, and to achieve independence and continuity, as well as to enable these institutions to establish departments sustain popular support for it. And targeted social marketing e-achieving “definition issues and values, and enterprise projects for the target audience, via the Web, and tools marketing, e-way guarantee the achievement of the reaction desired by the public at large can be measured, and to identify the extent of their support for this institution.” And socio-mail marketing many of the most important features:

• on the grounds that the online environment now become widespread, as well as due to the development of technical and increase browsing speed, it has become easy to get any information related to a product a community, or a service on the network, as it has been possible acquisition of the product community, and get it in time The brief to be able to do any of the marketer to promote his product or his goods, community and sold surpassing that the territorial boundaries of his whereabouts, but enter international borders to ensure that at least more popular for those goods or services. In short, make the socio-mail marketing community to get the product or service possible without being bound by time or place.

• contribute to the socio-mail marketing in the open field in front of everyone for marketing a commodity without distinguishing between community-based organization giant with huge capital and the ordinary individual or institution small community with limited resources.

• characterized the mechanisms and methods of social marketing mail at low cost and ease of implementation compared to traditional marketing mechanisms. We will not forget, of course, the possibility of Air website design expenses, and promotion, and publicity free of charge or a fee in accordance with the budget set for it While it seems difficult to apply such mechanisms on traditional communal activity.

• Through the use of code associated with the techniques of social marketing environment-mail, and propaganda operations in the digital environment. Can simply evaluate and measure the success of any advertising campaign and identify weaknesses and strengths, or guidance can also determine the geographical distribution of landing strips these campaigns and other goals which seem difficult to achieve when using traditional means.

Your Mobile Money Site

Your Mobile Money Site Mobile Marketing The following data based on a study conducted in the United States to monitor the need for workers in the field of marketing for smart phones as a new marketing tool. And to identify areas they want to know more about them.
Current Activity:
It was amazing to get the results shown below, where most of the workers acknowledged in the field of marketing importance of smart phones as a tool to communicate with customers. Few of them established his custom applications installed on phones. With focused on a significant proportion in the development of their websites to suit the browsing and mobile phone to suit different applications

75% of people use mobile applications to interact with the public
19% they create special applications
18% Declaration via mobile phone
43% to improve and modify the Website or Blog to be compatible with mobile applications

Areas of interest

Most marketers have expressed their interest to know and study the opportunities that may be offered by them smart phones. 73% seek to improve and develop their own websites to suit your browsing from a mobile phone and this is the largest percentage. B2c companies or provision of services for the consumer business has shown greater interest to interact via smart phone applications with customers and with a rate of 65.4% versus 54.6% for b2b companies or provision of business services for business.
60% of businesses and major institutions have expressed interest in marketing via mobile phone Mobile Marketing.